A Storytelling Approach

I believe some of the best moments I have captured, have been when I was ready to roll, and not forcing anything to happen. This has sculpted my approach to being “ever-present” with moments as the day happens.

  • All Cameras are Equipped with Shotgun Mics to Capture the Best Audio, As It Happens

  • No Time Limits, so I can fully-capture your story

  • I mix audio from the day, with music and pacing

Mark Fansler

Husband, Father, Video Guy

I’m an Extrovert and LOVE Film

I have been Married for 24 Years

I have 4 Kids, 2 Cats, and 2 Dogs

I love Tacos and Running

I’m an Artist, I paint and Sketch

I grew up loving art and music. After capturing moments on camera with my family for years, I went into videography more professionally and eventually found weddings. Weddings are the perfect mix of art, creativity, and technical skills. I fell in love with the challenge of capturing moments that only happen once, and telling stories in ways that capture and captivate. Now, I live to tell stories and bless those I meet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call or text me anytime with additional questions at 918-810-6323.

What is Included in the Full Day Package?2024-03-21T20:45:11+00:00

When you book me, you receive:

  • Sneak Peek Reel within two days of your wedding (vertical)
  • Speeches Videos
  • Ceremony Video
  • 6-9 Cinematic Film
Do You Use Mics?2024-03-21T20:38:43+00:00

Yes, I mic the Groom and Officiant during the Ceremony. I also mic up for first looks and private vows for Speeches, I use two sources to capture the audio to ensure quality audio for your films.

How Many Hours Do I Get on my Wedding Day?2024-03-21T20:37:14+00:00

There is no time limit. I want to tell your story, so I arrive when you want, and leave after your exit.

How Many Cameras Do You Use?2024-03-21T20:36:02+00:00

I film with two cameras throughout the day, and during the ceremony, I typically film with three cameras.

See What They’re Saying

Wedding Reviews

Wedding Reviews

“Mark produced videos way beyond our dreams for our daughter’s wedding.
He so skillfully captured many angles, emotions and lighting.”

Renee L.

“Choosing Mark to be our wedding videographer was one of the best decisions we made!!! Mark went absolutely above and beyond every step of the way.”

Elizabeth M.

“From beginning to end, Mark captured the most important moments while also capturing the small details.”

Hannah M.

“I don’t even know where to begin with how amazing Mark is. He is an unbelievably kind person and so much fun!”

Thea E.

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